The UNSTOPPABLE Sales Formula To Take An Additional 3-5 Listings Per Month

How To Become Un-Objectionable With Buyers and Sellers

#1 Prospecting Sales Training

Discover The Power To Generate Business On Demand

The biggest struggle in our industry has always been client acquisition. Imagine having a super power to wake up in the morning and create business where there once was not

This skill gives you full autonomy and complete control so you aren't paying thousands of dollars to buy leads that you can generate yourself

Developing the skills to consistently GENERATE LISTINGS would solve all of your production problems

Agents in this program are consistently creating 3-5 listings per month

What is the Breakfast Club?

⚡Total Prospecting System To Actually Get Results

⚡Daily 30 minute high intensity sales gym

⚡Daily morning motivation focused on production

⚡Access to proven scripts

⚡Access to ALL Training Recordings

⚡Access to roleplay partners nationwide

⚡High productivity sales environment

⚡Advanced sales techniques no one is teaching

What you will master

  • A foundation to strong lead generation

  • The foundation to strong lead conversion

  • Master the listing conversation

  • Generate listing appointments on demand

  • The exact scripts and dialogue to follow-up effectively

  • The exact scripts and dialogue to get the contract signed

  • Master the top objection handlers

  • Master how to navigate the intro of a sales call

  • Master closing for an appointment

  • Focused on Expireds/Canceleds/FSBO's/Circle Prospecting/Database/Buyers

  • Change Your Results in 30 Days

Real Results From The Breakfast Club

See what real Agents are saying

"The Breakfast Club changed my life and my business. I’ve never had this high level of coaching and accountability before. I’m currently able to create listings when I want, I can close clients with more skill than the majority of other agents"

-Aaron Yoon,

The Yoon Group

"The system works! Prior to me joining, I had only listed and sold 6-7 listings total for the past 8 years of doing business and only averaged 4-6 transactions a year. After coaching with The Breakfast Club, I sold 31 listings in my first 12 months, all from Expireds and FSBO's"

-Beverly Auffrey

Issaquah WA

"I started coaching with Chad Cooley and the Breakfast Club and in my first active 30 days of prospecting I took 5 active listings, generated 8 new buyers, and 2 out of state referrals. And that’s all from one month of doing the work!! I just had to get out of my own way"

-Amanda Weller Marysville, WA

The Breakfast Club is GAMECHANGER! I am a newer agent! First year in the business. No sales experience. I have taken 37 listings so far and 95% of it is because of the skills I have gained from the breakfast club. No matter what your skill level is, you are being pushed to get 1 step closer to your goals.

-Nick Trani

GT Luxury Group

The Real Strategy Agents are Using To get Immediate results

Real world example of a Breakfast Club. This daily training is why Agents are taking multiple listings active 30-60 days in.

Let's Recap How You'll Start Taking More Listings This Month:

✅Daily 30 min high intensity Sales Training

(Worth $3,000/month)

✅Access to Proven Prospecting Scripts

($297 Value)

✅Access to All Training Recordings


✅Access to Roleplay Partners Nationwide


✅High Productivity Sales Community


✅Daily Accountability


✅Total Prospecting System

($997 Value)

Total Monthly Value: $4,000+



Explode Your Business for just $197/month

Rather than spend THOUSANDS of dollars on scripts and coaching... get started for $197 a month today... and change your results in 30 days

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What does it cost to get started?

It only costs $197 to get started and will continue billing only $197 per month for all included access and services.

How do I get access?

Within 24 hours of signing up and completing payment, you will receive a Welcome email with the logins and access to the Breakfast Club daily training and community platform.

Are you a lead gen company?

We are not a lead generation company. We are a sales coaching system to help you generate your own leads and convert other lead generation sources at a significantly higher level.

Do we pay per closing?

No, the Breakfast Club program is a flat monthly fee only.

How long does it take to get access? 

Within 24 hours of signing up and completing payment, you will receive a Welcome email with the logins and access to the Breakfast Club daily training and community platform.

What payment methods do you accept?

All major Credit and Debit cards are accepted

Is there a long term contract?

There is no long term contract. The benefits of the Breakfast Club are provided on a month to month basis. As long as you are receiving value and results in your business you can stay a member as long as you wish! We have members that have been consistent members of the Breakfast Club daily for years!